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Job Name: Foreign Trade Salesman and Foreign Trade Manager

Professional requirements: international trade, metallurgy, marketing, machinery

Education: Bachelor degree or above, Master degree is preferred.

Language proficiency: CET-6 (500 points) or above, TEM-8 and overseas experience are preferred.

Necessary knowledge: Understanding the relevant process of foreign trade, iron and steel industry background is preferred.

Work experience: more than five years

Job content:

(1) Developing overseas markets and developing foreign customers;

(2) Communicating with foreign businessmen, conducting business negotiations, collecting customer orders, signing intentions and contracts;

(3) Send samples according to customer's requirements;

(4) Receiving visiting foreign customers and introducing our products;

(5) Making various foreign trade documents and doing a good job of documentation;

(6) Assist the manager in translating correspondence.


1. No limit on the number of people

2. There are five risks and the standard is the lowest.

3. Annual salary of more than 300,000 yuan

4. Salary System: Salary (13 Salaries) +Bonus+Dividend+Option

5. The company's current full-time shareholding requires a minimum of 30,000 yuan to be invested in when the company is converted.

6. Men's priority (facilitating business abroad)

7. Full legal holidays, nine to five, one and a half hours lunch break, 6.5 hours working day

8. No reimbursement of interview fees for non-Beijing visitors

9. Priority for Beijing's Local and Northern Areas

10. Avoid telephone or video interviews as much as possible

11. Only the steel trade elite is needed.

Company Profile:

1. The size of the company is 30 people

2. Foreign Trade Department

3. The number of managers with teams is determined according to the actual work needs.

4. The salesman reports to the Department Manager and the Department Manager reports to the general manager.

5. Establishment of travel frequency according to actual work needs

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